OEM Car Care Solutions

Nano Surface Solutions specialized in car care from the beginning on - our aim is to provide outstanding products for every automotive surface.
Our sol-gel based SiO2 sealants for automotive use offer outstanding durability and unkown performance.
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The Nano Surface Solutions anti-graffiti-system is a true revolution.

The Sol-Gel based, chemical nanotechnology 2 component (mixed before application) coating cures at ambient temperature and can be applied to most solid surfaces.

The system is suitable for painted surfaces, metal, glass, wood, mineral surfaces, fiberglass- and carbon-fiber compounds and many more substrates.

Mineral Surfaces

Nano Surface Solutions sealants/coatings for mineral surfaces (absorbing and non-absorbing) such as brick, sand stone, concrete, terracotta, stone etc. offer outstanding protection and easy-to-clean properties for substrate surfaces inside and outside.

The systems prevent the settling of most kinds of dirt and the growing of mould, algae and other organic contaminants.

Plastic Surfaces

Nano Surface Solutions plastic surface protection systems give the plastic surface an easy to clean effect after application.

All kinds of dirt are prevented from adhering to the sealed plastic surface, most of the dirt is effectively rejected from the surface immediately which means cleaning intervals are prolonged and the cleaning of plastic surfaces becomes much easier and less time consuming.
Contamination can be removed simply with water in most cases.

Metal Surfaces

The Nano Surface Solutions metal coating portfolio consists of various systems for kinds of steels, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper and brass.

The surface is protected by a very thin film against environmental influences, the actual surface texture remains unchanged.

Ceramic surfaces

Nanotechnology sealants/coatings for ceramic surfaces offer the possiblity to add durable easy-to-clean properties to the ceramic substrate.
The sealed surfaces can be cleaned simply with water and a cotton cloth. Lime stone deposits and soap residue can’t settle on the surface.
Areas of application are (among others): Shower cabins, toilets, tiles, wash basins etc.

The sealants are suitable for all ceramic and Enamel surfaces as well.

Glass Surfaces

Cleaning glass surfaces of windows, winter gardens, solar plants or objects that are difficult to access is often time consuming and costly.
These efforts can be reduced drastically by applying a Nano Surface Solutions glass protection system.