Glass Surfaces

Cleaning glass surfaces of windows, winter gardens, solar plants or objects that are difficult to access is often time consuming and costly.
These efforts can be reduced drastically by applying a Nano Surface Solutions glass protection system.

Our glass sealants/coatings form a protective water-, oil- and dirt-repellent layer on mineral glass surfaces.
The systems actively repel water, oil and other types of contamination permanently.

Cleaning intervals are prolonged, the cleaning process becomes much less time consuming and the amount of cleaning agents needed to remove dirt is drastically reduced thanks to the easy-to-clean properties.

When used on automotive glass surfaces rain, sleet and road spray simply bead up and roll off, or are forced off by the airflow if driving at speeds of more than 50 km/h.
The sealant thereby improves vision and increases safety when driving in poor weather conditions or at night, and reduces the need to use the windscreen wipers and screen wash. Dirt, insects and ice wipe off more easily.

Algae, Moose, resins, lime and dirt are prevented from bonding to the surface and can be removed at a fraction of the usually needed time.

Areas of application

Automotive glass surfaces, glass facades, shop windows, windows, winter gardens, greenhouses, glass roofings, glass showers, solar plants, glass furniture, mirrors etc.

We offer various glass systems for different kinds of applications, for more information please contact us.