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Nano Surface Solutions

Nano Surface Solutions offers high technology chemical nanotechnology coatings and sealants designed for the industrial as well as the commercial sector. Our company was founded and is located in the “Nano-Heartland” - the German state Saarland.

Our portfolio of surface coatings based on the chemical nanotechnology offers numerous different solutions for almost every known surface.

The functional method of our nanotechnology systems is based on a natural phenomenon - the so called Lotus-Effect. The advantages of our products are numerous - coated surfaces can achieve characteristics you would have never guessed they were capable of!

To see a small overview of our standard nanotechnology products that we offer please click here.

Customized nanotechnology solutions to fit your individual needs can as well be developed, if you are looking for special applications please share your needs with, we appreciate the challenge.

Our goal is to provide outstandingly performing and at the same time durable chemical systems that add value to your products.

We are focused on delivering highest quality combined with outstanding customer service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!